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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Voter Service is always a popular activity, although in a bit of a lull now between major elections. However, we will be gearing up to register new voters and as the 2020 general election nears

There is an Energy and Environment Group and an Education Group. We are also forming a group to study poverty in our area and some of our public meetings will focus on this issue.

Check our newsletter for upcoming events and projects. We always need help and fresh ideas. Your services will be welcomed. To volunteer, please email us by clicking here.

Be an Observer

As one veteran observer put it "Governmental bodies often act more openly - and, we can hope, more responsibly - when they know the public is watching them. The League observers, by their very presence in the courts, at various governmental committees and boards, remind the bodies that they are in the public eye. When I was an observer many years ago, I felt that a significant function was keeping the boards honest."

Observers also learn about issues that are or may become items for local study and/or action.

To volunteer to be an observer Email us here.

This and That

Do you have some computer skills we might be able to use?

Do you like organizing events? We have all kinds, from breakfasts to lunches to wine and cheese to dinners, We have public meetings and League-member-only meetings.

Would you like to host a Book Group meeting?

To volunteer to host a Book Group Meeting Email us here.